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Has anyone else noticed the parallel of Hiccup casting his helmet aside? In both HTTYD and HTTYD 2, when Hiccup must brace himself to face the greatest threat to his ideals, he takes his helmet, throws it aside, and stares his challenger directly in the face. He takes off the protection on his head, exposing himself and his thoughts to someone who could retaliate against him.

In the first movie, Hiccup’s eye contact moves to Stoick - not the Monstrous Nightmare - as he takes off his helmet, tosses it to the ground, and tries to convince the Vikings around him that dragons are kind, amazing creatures that do not need to tear peoples’ lives apart. In the second movie, Hiccup approaches Drago to try to convince him that dragons are… oh wait… kind, amazing creatures that do not need to tear peoples’ lives apart.

And in both these scenes, Hiccup fails to convince the person he addresses - fails to convince Stoick and the Vikings in the Kill Ring, and fails to convince Drago to desist from his war. It nearly leads to Stoick’s death in the first, actually leads to Stoick’s death in the second, and both times throws Hiccup into a significant low point in his life.

It is what makes Hiccup both admirably intrepid and vulnerable in these scenes. He casts off his helmet - exposing his head and thus his mind - taking a risk to his safety both physically and symbolically to promote his own ideals.

The Fault in Our Stars Director May Take On Anne Rice’s Next Vampire Adaptation


You guys might have already seen this, but The Mary Sue is reporting that The Wrap is claiming they’ve heard TFIOS’s Josh Boone is up to write and direct The Vampire Lestat, and has been signed off by producer Brian Grazer, as well as the duo of Kurtzman and Orci. I didn’t see TFIOS, so maybe this is a better idea than I think it is, but personally there is something about the idea that makes me handwring just a little. Especially because this was the adaptation I was most psyched to see, and thus am most nervous about, as might be the case for a few of y’all as well.

However, in this same article, TMS is also reporting that a spokesman for Imagine Entertainment contacted The Wrap to say that this story was completely untrue. However-However, The Wrap continues to stand by its story, indicating a pretty big trust in whoever the source was that provided them with this tidbit (their story reports it was an insider who knows Universal’s approval is apparently ‘just a formality’, but we’ll see I guess). 

The Wrap also reports that this will presumably be the next Vampire Chronicles film to drop, and rather than remaking Interview (something that might give you a sigh of relief) this movie will apparently draw from both Lestat and Queen of the Damned, and “will likely be faithful to the source material.” Again, I guess we’ll see.

The TMS article wraps up by discussing the fact that Boone is currently up to adapt Stephen King’s The Stand, which is good news, I guess? We can see how he does with that before he moves on to Lestat, if he is actually doing that and this isn’t just a rumor.

The TMS does mention that no one has been seriously considered to play the Brat Prince himself yet, but apparently Anne Rice has voiced interest in Chris Hemsworth (aka the cuddliest Asgardian) and Arrow's Stephen Amell. Which, hmmm. Those could be interesting.

So basically, friends, we can conclude that there are already whispers about our dear de Lioncourt’s return to the silver screen. Whether it will be Mr. Boone who gets him there is still somewhat a mystery, but maybe we’ll have the answers sooner than we think.

Heard other rumors? Got other director suggestions? Casting suggestions? Just want to freak out with me in general? Please don’t hesitate to do so!

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